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I've updated the site, to support features: 1) pagination for diaries & thoughts; 2) better-looking table when listing diaries & thoughts; 3) diaries supported tags
[Admin@2020-07-21 02:11:24 +0800] 
Update: 1) I've switched rails server, from WebRick to Puma; 2) added message posting date; 3) added message poster, if user is logged in at the time of posting the message
[Admin@2020-11-10 00:14:52 +0800] 
Supported anonymous view - user can generate an anonymous view to share it to other people if they want
[Admin@2020-11-14 18:53:19 +0800] 
Update: 1) user can share their diary via an anonymous view; 2) comment support
[Admin@2020-11-24 00:29:48 +0800] 
Update: User is able to delete diary now
[Admin@2020-11-24 23:56:34 +0800] 
Update: User can delete the messages posted by themselves
[Admin@2020-12-01 22:27:06 +0800] 
Update: message in text area is saved into LocalStorage, so that the text is still there when you visit next time

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